Run, Forest, run!

I've started running. And I hate running. But I had to do something to fight off my expanding gut. Like I said, I hate running, but I love tech on the other hand, so I figured that if I could sweeten the nightmare of running by injecting some tech geekery into it, that might be the answer.

Enter Nike + iPod and this fun little thing that says how much I have (or haven't) worked out.

Don't judge me....

[UPDATE - The below widget which shows (or should show) my runs only seems to work half the time. Well done, Nike]

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The times they are a-changing

I have decided that I will be moving my site to a different CMS - WordPress.

I am getting bored with my old site and some of its content. A lot of it is remnants from what now seems like an distant past.

So keep an eye out for a brand new site very soon!

Pharaoh's got nothing on me

Now, I am of the belief that when you're dead, you're dead. That's it - lights out, power off, they can cancel your subscriptions and your neighbour can stop feeding the dogs. But... That doesn't mean you can have a cool place to store what's left. So I reserved my place in the next great pyramid. It's going to be built in Germany apparently.

Wanna be neighbours? Your reservation is only a few clicks away...

Sushi in Soho Square


Finally some bloody summer!

We're celebrating that and the fact that I, for once, haven't got a gig on a Friday night with some raw fish and wasabi tears.

Does time really fly?

A few days ago I was sitting with some friends and we were reminiscing about what we were doing last year at the same time and someone uttered the enevitable: "Oh my God, is that a year ago already?!?".

I've always filed this statement in the "very annoying" category. I simply just don't understand why it always comes as a surprise to some people that time actually passes in this world.

Today I stumbled on this article about the subject on the BBC website

Maybe we just have different perceptions of time. I, for one, am definitely surprised that writing this entry has taking me only 5 minutes. It felt more like 20! So in effect I live my life 4 times slower than others - at least while blogging.
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Erica's holiday excitement


Last snap before we board the plane to Denmark. Erica is extremely excited and I managed to eat my entire BLT without interference because Erica was distracted by sparkly jewelry. Happy days. :-)

Hint of summer


Finally just a little bit of summer in Britain. The last few weeks have been positively miserable so seeing a bit of blue sky is good. Unfortunately I have to work tonight - it would have been nice to go the pub like a normal person would do but the venue we're playing at tonight has a decent view so I think I'll survive. And then tomorrow Erica and I are off to Denmark. It's almost like holiday.

Back in the saddle!

Aaaaaaand 2 years went by. Two years. TWO! I'm not going to elaborate too much on what has happened but here is a bullet point list:

  • I am now the lead singer in the band Fully Funktional and that's my main occupation
  • I have done no theatre since the re-run of the Danish tour of Grease in 2005
  • I have a lovely girlfriend who I adore. Her name is Erica Street and she is an amazing artist
  • I am the singer on the latest album from Kent Thompson
  • My webdesign skills have improved and I now run the company StyleWebsites
  • ActorTalk proved to be a dead duck

Thought provoking site


Check it out....

Bombs in London

I am writing now just over an hour after a series of bombs went off in central London. Luckily I was no where near the city centre at that point, but safe in my flat. This is just to everyone I know and to anyone interested that I am ok.
So far the police are talking about 20 dead in the blasts - what remains now is to hear who will claim responsibility for this horrible act of terror.

We won!

We won!! Yes!! London won the Olympics bid for 2012. How brilliant is that? Trafalger Square was one big party today. Love it! I know there will be loads of Londoners moaning about the costs of winning the bid, but I, for one, will be more than happy to pay the couple of extra pounds my council tax bill will increase by getting this amazing event to the city. I say well done!
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Damn, it's bloody boiling in London! And I don't just mean "it's-really-quite-hot" kinda hot, no, it's that "Seriously-if-I-don't-get-either-a-pool-or-a-cold-beer-very-soon-I'm-gonna-die" kinda hot. Also, I have discovered that my house and my room in particular, as it is right under the roof, is probably the warmest place in town. But hey, I like the heat! I am not complaining. Just thought I'd let you know.

Time Flies

Time flies

Since my last entry the new spring production of Grease has rehearsed, opened and performed more than half the shows of its Mini Tour Of Denmark. Once again we've had some good write ups (for one thing a 5 star review in Belingske, praising Rizzo's - Nynne Christine Holman's legs!!) and we're having a great time on the cast. Reumert or no Reumert. ;o) We have 3 more shows in Copenhagen and after that we just have one weekend in Vejle to finish it all of.

After that I am going more or less straight back to London to once again get stuck in. Things apparently have been very quiet over there recently, but hopefully that will all pick up - at least Panto Season is coming up! Damn, I can't believe I already mentioned Christmas.... Like I said, time flies...

Cheers for now.

Winter all over again

Arrgh! Where did the spring go? Seriously, I am all for changes and for things not remaining the same all the time, but another few days of balmy 20-something degrees (even if it meant that garbage cans would begin to smell - how does that happen so quickly?!?) would have been appreciated. Hmmmm...

Well, in anticipation of glorious weather I ventured to the local golf course and found that about 5000 other Londoners had done the exact same thing. The wait at the 1st tee was a painful hour spent watching golfers crawling out from their winter hybernation to find that it is actually still winter. Disgusted with the whole situation many 1st tee-shots refused to travel more than a few yards. Mine included... And to top it all of it was windy and now really starting to get cold.

Oh well. One doesn't quit a golf round. Well, at least not on the 1st tee anyway. On we went. 5 1/2 painful hours later we were in the club house with a final score of 86 (on a par 70 course - argh!)

Spring - pleeeze come back!

Hot |||amp; Cold

Spring has finally arrived in London!!

This week I had short trip to Denmark to sing a few songs at Bonusbanken's anual stock holders conference. I sang a few songs and it all went very well.

At the same time I got to see my family which was nice. And my Nan got the flowers I got at the gig - as always

It was freezing in Denmark though so coming back to London to find 18 degrees and sunny skies felt like going on holiday!

So I won't spend anymore time writing today. I'm gonna go and enjoy the sunshine!