Winners and Loosers

Well, the Reumert Awards are all over and done with and I am sad to say that Grease did not win the coveted price. It, instead, went to Nørrebros Teater for their production of "Sommer I Tyrol" - a classic Danish musical which apparently have been bringing the houses down overthere. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see it when I start rehearsals in Copenhagen next week. What could possibly have beaten us?!? I gotta see THAT!

Our performance of Greased Lightning went very well and ended the awards ceremony on a very high note. Literally... Unfortunately, due to the nature of live television, the producers started running credits halfway through the number - the bastards! So is was only the audience at the Royal National Theatre who got the benefit of the grand finale. But hey ho, the TV audiences got a taster so now they'll just have to buy a ticket - right?

Grease nominated for a Reumert

Looks like it's official then:

Grease has been nominated for a Reumert (Danish equivalents of the Olivier, Tony etc) for best Musical.


Well, Assassins is all over. An absolutely amazing...

Well, Assassins is all over. An absolutely amazing experience, which you can read all about in my rehearsal diary.

Assassins Rehearsal Diary

I hope to be able to do another prison production at some point...

Assassins is going well - I have started a rehears...

Assassins is going well - I have started a rehearsal diary. Feel free to have a look.

Assassins Rehearsal Diary

Good news! I've got a job! Completely out of the ...

Good news! I've got a job!

Completely out of the blue and without even having to audition (my favourite kind of job). The job is with The Pimlico Opera on the Sondheim musical, Assassins. I am playing the part of John Hinckley.

The Pimlico Opera specializes in full scale prison productions. Yes, you read it right the first time - prison productions. Basically the project consists of putting on a show in a prison with a cast made up of part professional actors, part inmates. Read more about Pimlico Opera

I was called in at the last minute as one of the cast members dropped out and I have at the time of writing this been in rehearsals for one week. Next week is tech week and we open on Friday!

It is an amazing experience working with the inmates. I will go into more detail about the production and my experiences over the next few days, but right now I am simply to tired...

But geez... It's nice to get a job...